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BBC Studio’s New Bridgewater House in Bristol City Centre Receives Falco Semi-Vertical Cycle Parking

Home Case Studies BBC Studio’s New Bridgewater House in Bristol City Centre Receives Falco Semi-Vertical Cycle Parking

This is the new series of semi-vertical cycle parking Falco installed this month for BBC Studio’s new Bridgewater House production base, located in Bristol City Centre.

Falco manufactured, supplied and installed 110 spaces of the innovative space-efficient FalcoVert-Pro semi-vertical cycle rack, providing employees and visitors to the broadcaster with secure and accessible cycle parking.

The popular FalcoVert-Pro design was chosen for its capability to be located within compact areas, such as the facility shown here, providing cyclists with up to 30% more cycle parking spaces compared to using any other traditional cycle rack or stand.

The compact cycle rack is capable of accommodating all types of cycles – from racing cycle to mountain bikes and even cycles with extra wide tyres.

The recent installation shown here at is just one of many underground environments Falco has supplied and installed cycle parking equipment for. Other recent examples include two-tier cycle racks for Macquarie Bank in London, two-tier cycle parking for three flagship Selfridges stores across the UK, VelowUp® vertical cycle stands and two-tier cycle racks for the University of Edinburgh, 150 two-tier cycle rack spaces for Marks & Spencer at Paddington Basin in London as well as semi-vertical cycle parking for Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

Semi-Vertical Cycle Rack

The FalcoVert-Pro is an innovative and space efficient cycle rack design ideal for cycle hubs, shopping centres, stations, car parks and private businesses. Bicycles are parked semi vertically with both front and rear wheels located in a custom designed trough.

The FalcoVert-Pro is increasingly used to maximise the amount of cycle spaces within any given area and as shown here at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, with an increase of treble the amount of cycle sapces compared to traditional Sheffield Stands.

Please click here to see the FalcoVert-Pro product page.

For more information about the innovative semi-vertical cycle rack, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

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