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B&M Bargains Receives Falco Cycle Shelters for First Ever Southern Distribution Centre

Home Case Studies B&M Bargains Receives Falco Cycle Shelters for First Ever Southern Distribution Centre

This is the 'bargain' cycle shelter package Falco recently manufactured, supplied and installed for B&M’s brand new regional distribution centre in Wixams, Bedfordshire!

The new development is one of the largest distribution centres in the UK and comprises of a large warehouse, office spaces and ancillary areas, with a floor area of approximately 1 million square ft and a height of 21.5m! 

Falco provided the discount chain’s first ever southern distribution centre with two 11m runs of the hugely popular FalcoRail cycle canopy combined with the budget friendly FalcoLevel-Eco two-tier cycle rack, providing employees and visitors with secure cycle parking for up to 200 bikes.

Falco provided the client with a free site visit, free AutoCAD design and free rendering graphics to help visualise the scheme prior to order.

The FalcoLevel-Eco is a high density and budget friendly two-tier cycle parking system which accommodates twice the number of bicycles compared to any other traditional cycle rack or stand.  The FalcoLevel two-tier series is the UK’s best selling high density cycle rack and is used at the UK’s first ever cycle hub at Leeds City Station as well as the UK’s two largest cycle hubs at Cambridge and Chelmsford Stations.

The FalcoRail is the perfect solution for housing both of Falco’s high density two-tier cycle parking systems. The FalcoRail offers an open and spacious design and available in single or double sided variations.

Cycle shelters for B&M Southern Distribution Centre

For more information about the high density FalcoLevel-Eco two-tier cycle rack, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

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