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Anson House Residential Apartments in Westminster Receives Falco Cycle Hub

Home Case Studies Anson House Residential Apartments in Westminster Receives Falco Cycle Hub

Falco recently took to the design, manufacture, supply and installation of a bespoke cycle hub based on the traditional FalcoLok-500 design. Installed at Anson House, south Westminster, in view of the River Thames, the new cycle hub has been coupled with the FalcoVert-Pro cycle rack to provide secure accommodate for up to 24 bikes.

Installed on behalf of Westminster City Council, the new cycle hub features electrogalvanised perforated sheet cladding, powder coated in a Jet Black RAL colour, along with a secure access system.

The whole shelter is a bespoke contemporary design of the classic FalcoLok-500 shelter, which features clean lines through the glass cladding and supported by stainless steel glass clamps. The steelwork is hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and also meets UK structural design laws with EN 1090 accreditation. Rainwater is collected via innovative integral gutters as part of the roof system and a bespoke bund ensure that the cycle hub is weather proof!

The cycle hub was commisioned to help reduce congestion and provide greater cycling accessibility for residents of Anson House.

The FalcoVert-Pro as shown here at Anson House, is a space saving cycle rack design ideal for highly popular densities such as stations, cycle hubs, shopping centres, high streets and car parks etc. Bicycles are parked semi vertically with both front and rear wheels located in a custom designed trough.

Falco cycle hubs can also incorporate a world of features including; smart LED lighting, green sedum roofs, CCTV and Help Point facilities as well as numerous other cost-effective features for the cyclist such as lock holders, helmet lockers, seating and bike repair facilities. For more information about the FalcoHub cycle store, a demonstration of the FalcoSmart app-based lock, the FalcoPod bike hangar or any other Falco product, then please speak to one of our friendly customer service staff on (01538) 380080.

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