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Amsterdam Police Force Recruit Falco Two-Tier Cycle Parking System!

Home Case Studies Amsterdam Police Force Recruit Falco Two-Tier Cycle Parking System!

These are the FalcoLevel-Premium+ two-tier cycle racks Falco recently manufactured, supplied and installed for Amsterdam Police Force last month!

The basement to the station was identified as the only suitable and available location to use as a cycle park, but due to the space restriction of the room, as well as the installation of an air ventilation system currently occupying much of the available space, the use of a traditional cycle rack or stand was deemed not appropriate.

Following a free site survey, Falco identified the FalcoLevel-Premium+ two-tier cycle rack as the most appropriate and user friendly solution to accommodating a maximum number of police bikes within the tight space available.

Falco provided the police force with free CAD design, free rendering graphics, a free site survey as well as complete manufacture, supply and installation to final sign off.

The image attached shows the new two-tier cycle racks being put to good use with almost all of the 58 spaces of FalcoLevel-Premium+ currently being occupied by a police bike!

FalcoLevel-Premium+ Two-Tier Cycle Rack

The ingenious FalcoLevel-Premium+ two-tier cycle rack has been installed at hundreds of locations throughout the UK and Europe.

Providing mass cycle parking to the UK’s largest cycle hub at Cambridge Station and the former largest cycle hub at Chelmsford station, to smaller one-off  cycle parking areas for private businesses and neighbourhoods for as little as ten bikes, the FalcoLevel-Premium+ is a flexible cycle parking system ideal for projects big and small!

Falco provide complete UK-wide installation of the two-tier system complete with free CAD design, free UK-wide site surveys, free graphical rendering service as well as complete manufacture, supply and installation and the provision of concrete or tarmac bases.

For more information about the FalcoLevel-Premium+ or how Falco can assist your cycle parking scheme, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

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