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Falco meets Minister of Transport, Lord Adonis at Leeds CyclePoint
Falco meets Minister of Transport, Lord Adonis at Leeds CyclePoint
News & Blog 5 Sep 2011

Dutch Railways knew that an attractive, integrated cycle solution would be required at stations if their passengers were to fully embrace the concept of continuing their journey on a cycle. Their CyclePoints, which offer secure, staffed storage, rental, repair and sales, met an existing customer need, and have proven to be extremely popular with passengers.

After the success of these CyclePoints in Holland, Britain have decided to follow the same route and introduce these into the UK. The first cycle point of twelve to be introduced is at Leeds Railway Station and Falco were the lucky contractor chosen to supply the cycle parking.

Originally the number of cycle spaces offered was 285 but Falco were able to increase this with their special cycle parking system the FalcoLevel to provide superbly condensed cycle parking as required.

The FalcoLevel system is a two tier, high density cycle rack which matched the exact requirements of the architect. The Falcolevel secure cycle rack which has two locking points per cycle and bicycles can easily be stored and removed using the smallest amount of space.

Lord Adonis is the UK’s Secretary of State for Transport who was overseeing this project along with many other projects taking place to improve cycle parking at railway stations.
Lord Adonis was chosen to host a groundbreaking ceremony to announce the opening of the Leeds CyclePoint and he was met by one of Falco’s Sales Managers along with the FalcoLevel parking system.

Picture courtesy of Dan Oxtoby.

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