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FalcoPathfinder Solar LED Cycle Path Bat Report Now Available!
FalcoPathfinder Solar LED Cycle Path Bat Report Now Available!
News & Blog 25 Aug 2015

Europe’s most successful solar powered cycle path LED light - the highly effective FalcoPathfinder – has now received further recognition, this time from Bats! Protecting bats and other sonar using birds and animals is an essential aspect of a product of this nature and this functionality is integral to the design of the FalcoPathfinder design - without the need for an additional ‘hat’. However this was put to the test recently by a test house which undertook an independent study to assess the effectiveness of the cycle path light.

The Solar LED underwent a number of tests to assess it’s practicability for use on cycle paths whilst protecting wildlife habitats from light pollution. Additional reports we also assessed including light distribution in both horizontal and vertical planes as well as the intensity of the light emitted. The report concluded:

  • That this lighting system should minimise the potential detrimental impacts on bats and other wildlife.
  • This lighting system is likely to have a lower impact than any column or bollard system that could be used for the same purposes.
  • That the system could be used in situations where no other unmodified systems would be suitable.
  • The benefits of a more sustainable product are a wider consideration for bat conservation.

Overall the report recommended the FalcoPathfinder as “one of the best solutions we have seen for providing lighting, which encourages people to use cycle and other paths safely, while minimising any potential impact on wildlife”.

The FalcoPathfinder has been installed over 88 times in eight different countries around the world.

The FalcoPathfinder product video shows the innovative light in action and the FalcoPathfinder installation video shows how easy it is to install each unit within a couple of minutes.

To see a copy of the FalcoPathfinder bat report please contact Lionel O'Hara on 07545 211 761 or by email at


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