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FalcoCompanion, seat for elderly
FalcoCompanion, seat for elderly
News & Blog 5 Sep 2011

a revolutionary new seat - the FalcoCompanion.

Specially designed to offer comfort and convenience, the FalcoCompanion gives both able bodied and disabled users an optimised seating position, and an improved experience for using public parks and urban areas. With a sit height optimised for people with mobility issues, the FalcoCompanion has a number of ‘support’ features which greatly enhance the appeal of this seat for older citizens.

An increased sit height with an integrated ‘gas strut’ provides additional sprung support when sitting down or rising from the seat. Additionally the seat has wide arm rests helps with standing up and generally providing extra support. Also the addition of a wide foot support on the lower part of the seat provides a comfortable rung for resting feet on, helping those with circulation issues.

The FalcoCompanion is also a very versatile seating system. Its modular design means that it can be used as an individual seat or coupled with other modules to create a group or series of seating areas or meeting places. Another great feature of the seat is that it has a space for parking a pushchair or wheelchair enabling less able bodied people to feel integrated and involved with their friends and surroundings.

Key Features and Benefits
•Comfortably sitting down by increased sit height with gas pressure spring
•Comfortably standing up as a result of the increased sit position
•Wide armrests make sure that there is extra support by standing up
•Leg rest provides great relief for those with circulation issues
•Has an aperture for use with wheelchairs for disabled users

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