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Falco teams up with Dutch Company ‘InControl’
Automated Cycle Parking
News & Blog 22 May 2019

Falco is proud to team up with Dutch simulation software company ‘InControl’, to provide clients with an industry leading simulation service - designed to promote new and existing cycle parking facilities.

The state-of-the-art simulation software can take historical data from an existing cycle hub to accurately illustrate cyclists movements, patterns and cycle parking usage, to determine if a facility is being used to maximum potential. The software can identify any areas where cycle parking is rarely used and suggest actions to not only improve usability, but to also increase facility usage.

The innovative software has already been utilised at the largest cycle hub in the world at Utrecht Station boasting a capacity of 13,000 cycle parking spaces. InControl has also simulated the cycle parking facility at Rotterdam Central Station, providing both key stations with invaluable cycle hub data on efficiency, predictability and compliancy.

Now for the first time, in an industry first, InControl’s simulation software is available to the UK market exclusively from Falco, providing Transport Planners, Train Operating Companies, Local Authorities and Cycle Hub Operators with essential data on existing or upcoming cycle parking facilities. 

The video below showcases the in-depth capability of the simulation software and offers an insight into how the software can be tailored to represent your cycle hub:


The InControl software simulation is an important addition to Falco’s technical and digital portfolio of  services and products related to cycle parking, such as the Abel Sensors Cycle Detection system, automated cycle counters and the VeloComfort automated cycle wheeling ramp products among others. Falco is dedicated to offering clients the latest ideas and products in bike parking so if there is anything you are curious about then please do give us a call!

For more information about how InControl’s simulation software may support your cycle parking facility, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

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