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Falco Cycle Counters Pass the One Million Mark
Falco Cycle Counters Pass the One Million Mark
News & Blog 29 Nov 2016

The series of Falco Cycle Counters totems installed throughout Scotland, has already counted over 1.2m cyclists this year –that’s more than the entire population of Glasgow and Edinburgh combined!

The nine cycle counters, which are distributed throughout Scotland on key cycle paths, were delivered on behalf of Sustrans and Transport Scotland whose aim via the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS) is to increase levels of cycling throughout the country.

The Cycle Counters are the world’s first interlinked series of Cycle Counter totems whereby each counter feeds statistical data back to the master data counter located outside the Scottish Government’s building at Victoria Quay (see image below).

Each Cycle Counter, including the master totem counter, utilises the latest comms software to enable live statistical data to be displayed on any website via iFrames, the data can then be used for statistical analysis, for a twitter feed or on a blog. This feature essentially provides live, accurate and convenient feedback from each individual Cycle Counter without the need to visit each Counter in person, so that interested parties can keep up to date on a daily basis of their usage. The information can also be found here on Falco’s website.

Total cyclists from each of the nine Cycle Counters reached 1.2m so far this year, with one Cycle Counter located at Middle Meadow Walk in Edinburgh topping 500k cyclists alone! Total cyclists so far this year for each Counter are listed below:

Road/Street Name Town/City Cycle Count (part 2016)
Middle Meadow Walk Edinburgh 538,103
Union Canal Edinburgh 113,911
Millburn Road Inverness 77,970
Lochnell Primary School Benderloch 14,966
Laurencecroft Road Stirling 154,419
Whitecrook Street Clydebank 101,839
North Inch Park Perth 160,516
Anderston Glasgow 62,936
Bank Street Coatbridge 22,513

Total Cyclists From All Nine Cycle Counters:




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