FalcoLinea Gallery Seat

The flexible nature of Falco’s “FalcoLinea” street furniture collection is only too evident in this innovative new gallery seat. Using the creative lines of the Linea design, Falco has created a whole collection of new products for the range including a perch chair, a lounger and a sofa!

This elegantly designed version of the range is unique amongst any other traditional seating arrangement, offering a three tier seating complex. This style of seating is creative and entertaining yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye, making it suitable for a wide range of locations.

The product is designed with the backrest based on the ‘S’ shape, but being securely surface fixed, it gives plenty of counterbalance and stability.
In recent years, the success of the FalcoLinea continues to grow and offers a futuristic style to uplift any location.

All the steelwork on Falco street furniture products are hot dip galvanised for a long lifespan and can be subsequently powder coated.

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    CAD drawings are available for all our products, call Bryan Duggan on (01538) 380 080 for copies in either AutoCAD or pdf format.
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