FalcoGamma Cycle Shelter

A design characteristic for this model is the central column that evolves into two upward facing branches. The name Gamma was chosen because, when viewed from the side, the shape of the structure looks like the Greek letter gamma and underlines the design statement that we wanted to make with this new shelter. The new FalcoGamma is available in both double-sided and single-sided versions.

As well as being a full size shelter, the new FalcoGamma displays two more differences when compared to the original FalcoGamma Lo. The first difference is that the roof is completely closed. The second difference is the presence of a gutter between the stanchions. There are also optional side walls (as shown below) which can be fitted if required, The sidewalls are manufactured from 4mm thick polycarbonate sheet which is fixed with glass clamps between the stanchions (it can also be delivered with safety glass if preferred).

Construction shelter
The shelter, with bowed styling, is clad with 4mm thick, robust clear polycarbonate sheets. The height of the FalcoGamma is 2.10m, the depth for the single sided shelter is 1.91m and the depth for a double sided shelter is 3.70m, the free height under the gutter is 1.53m and length is 4.00m centre to centre between the stanchions.
The canopy can be mounted as a below ground fix or bolted down using a base plate that is bolted on to a concrete pad or prefab concrete blocks. The concrete block is 1400 x 250 x 315mm under the stanchion, smaller stanchions can be provided with prefab Falco concrete blocks.

This new FalcoGamma Hi is an elegant addition to the constantly evolving Falco product line. Width: 4000 mm
Depth: 1910 mm
Height: 2180 mm
Head height: 2100 mm

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