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Vel-o-Matic® Cycle Parking System

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The Vel-o-Matic® is an innovative and intelligent bicycle parking detection system, which accurately registers the storage time of each individual bike, from the moment of parking until the moment the bike is removed.

The Vel-o-Matic® not only records the storage time of each bike, but also informs the user the amount of free parking spaces available and where these parking spaces can be found.

The Vel-o-Matic® is an instrument tool against the increasing nuisance of 'ghost bikes', as the system can be programmed to a maximum allowed parking time for each bike. Once the Vel-o-Matic® detects that the maximum allowable parking time has been exceeded, the administrator can effectively remove these bikes. The storage capacity can thus be utilised as effectively as possible.

The operating principle of the Vel-o-Matic® is based on an inductive proximity switch, which is activated when the bike is parked. This proximity switch has no moving parts and is completely maintenance free.

Data transfer takes place through a fibre optic cable, which makes the system insensitive to electromagnetic interference. Built-in filters neutralize switching so that faults caused by bumping against the bikes and other small faults, do not effect the operation.

Click here to see the advanced cycle parking video presentation.

For more information about the Vel-o-Matic cycle management system, please contact our technical sales team by clicking here.

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