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Falco Graduates at University!
Falco Graduates at University!
News & Blog 19 Jul 2012

Falco is pleased to announce the graduation of our Purchasing Manager, Kathryn Ferns, who graduated at Staffordshire University last Thursday with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management. The advanced course, which took 4 years to complete plays a significant part towards Kath’s career development, who will now look forward to continuing to develop her skills and experience in business management.

Kathryn states “I feel very privileged to have graduated with no student debt and a full time secure job, it has been very hard work combining my studies with a full time job but the personal reward is infinite. I would like to say thank you to the support, both moral and financially, I have received from Falco over the past few years throughout the continuation of my studies”.

MD Jeremy Green said; “Kathryn is responsible for all order processing, contracts and procurement at Falco and plays a significant part in the operation of our business, so we are really pleased with Kath’s degree, she has worked extremely hard and deserves all our congratulations!”

More information on the training and development of our staff can be found by clicking this article on our installation engineers. All operation staff undergo a full series of training to ensure full competency throughout all UK operations.

For more information on the training and development of our staff, please contact our helpful sales team on (01538) 380080.

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