Monarch Seat

The Monarch range takes the Niagra a stage further offering internal and external curves.
Single sided supported by strong steel back structures in 12 mm thick laser cut steel. A steel plate measuring 80x3 mm is welded to the upper part supporting structure, and is required for the
fastening of the seating boards. At the lower end of the back supporting structures are two rectangular steel plates measuring 200x120 mm and 12 mm thick.

The seat has hardwood seating boards with rounded edges and positioned next to one another so as to decrease the spaces between each stave to a minimum and therefore create a unique effect in merging the seat with the back.

Straight or curvilinear
This model is available either straight (see picture) or curvilinear. The curvilinear model is available both with an external and internal
angle, and this is possible thanks to a particular method in the
seating board curving process.

Monarch double sided seat
Specification as above but with the seating boards having a
continuous and flowing curvature.
Overall dimensions: height 810 mm, width 1,480 mm.

Available colours
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