Moire Double-Sided Seat

The Moire seating system is a combination of great style and
innovation in stainless steel or powder coated galvanised steel. It has a light and flexible look that is supported by the solid presence of the Vicenza stone pedestal. Thanks to the open structure of the design, the Moire performs remarkably well in large open areas, with a very striking part of the Moire being the beautiful, bright Curved, high backrest.

The Moire is also very modular, being manufactured from three standard elements (all with a backrest); a straight run, and external curve and an internal curve. The Moire is constructed of stainless steel and supports of 5mm laser cut thick plate. The seating and backrest elements are manufactured from Ø10mm 304 stainless or galvanised steel rods.

Dimensions: standard length 2,000mm, height 1,020mm, 680mm deep. Designer: Allesandro Piaser.

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