FalcoBase Cycle Shelter

The FalcoBase is a new shelter with a budget price tag. Available in a single-sided, double-sided and  compound variation, the FalcoBase is a very flexible and simple design that has all the advantages and expandability of a larger shelter, but for a fraction of the price!

Single-Sided Shelter

The single-sided unit is 4,196mm wide as standard, with an overall depth of 2,312mm and a height of 2,400mm. To keep the cost to a minimum, the unit has an optional gutter and standard cladding of pre-assembled hardwood slats or corrugated aluzinc sheets – other types are available on request.

Double-Sided Shelter

The FalcoBase double-sided unit is manufactured by placing two FalcoBase single units back to back with no intermediate wall.

This creates a useful 5m x 4m ‘coral’ ideal as a bin store or general equipment store. The unit comes complete with an integral gutter as standard and is only extendable in its depth.

Compound Shelter

The FalcoBase compound model is constructed by placing two single-sided shelters with the front side facing each other and completing the structure with an additional fascia across the openings.

The structure can be completed by adding a shut-off at the back and either single or double doors at the front. A ridge plate is added between the two roof sections to maintain the weather integrity and as with the single-sided shelter, the gutter is optional. The compound model is extendable both width ways and depth ways.

For an instant price and further information, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080 or by email at sales@falco.co.uk.

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