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Falco’s Solid Range of Aggregate Street Furniture!

Falco’s Solid Range of Aggregate Street Furniture!

Due to the increasing demand for solid aggregate street furniture throughout the UK, we would like to emphasise on the extensive aggregate range covering all aspects of street furniture available to architects and designers to meet this new requirement.





Skyline Seat1.    Skyline Seat

The Skyline seat takes the traditional seat design a step further and creates a totally unique and eye-catching masterpiece! Using a unique digital printing capability that allows the seat to be transformed into an delightful and stunning statement, the Skyline is a well suited product to highlight a location, treasure a past memory or stimulate a theme! http://www.falco.co.uk/products/street-park-furniture/seatings-with-backrest/skyline-seat/


Riviera Seat2.    Riviera Seat

The new Riviera seat design is based upon a variety of rectangular concrete shapes creating a truly innovative and modern design. Ideal for a wide range of applications internally or externally, the Riviera seat is a distinctive design-led product! http://www.falco.co.uk/products/street-park-furniture/seatings-with-backrest/riviera-seat/



Rondine Seat3.    Rondine Seat

The Rondine seat is very similar to the Skyline offering a curvaceous design with chamfered edges. The seat also integrates a clever drainage system allowing rainwater to run into grooves for drying fast after rain! http://www.falco.co.uk/products/street-park-furniture/seatings-with-backrest/rondine-seat/


City Seat4.    City Seat

The City Seat takes the best of both worlds by combining the reinforced concrete feet from the Rondine with a galvanised steel seat. http://www.falco.co.uk/products/street-park-furniture/seatings-with-backrest/city-seat/



Margot Bench5.    Margot Bench

The Margot Bench combines traditional reinforced concrete with stainless steel armrests and is available in two variations, a curved or straight version. http://www.falco.co.uk/products/street-park-furniture/benches-without-backrest/margot-bench/


Viareggio Planter6.    Viareggio Seating Planter

The Viareggio Seating Planter provides a neat example of a seating facility combined with a planter. The design provides architects and designers with a wide range of solutions to many common street furniture design criteria. http://www.falco.co.uk/products/street-park-furniture/planters/viareggio-seating-planter/


Isola Seating Planters7.    Isola Seating Planters

The Isola seating planter is an ideal product for the demarcation of seating and picnic areas as well as a finishing design touch to any scheme. The seating planters are extremely flexible in shape, as the design is built up using separate planters and benches allowing the system to be positioned either straight or to outline a specific area. http://www.falco.co.uk/products/street-park-furniture/planters/isola-seating-planters/

For more information about Falco’s range of concrete aggregate street furniture products or how Falco can assists your design scheme, please contact our helpful sales team on (01538) 380080.

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